A few words about My Alchemist

Shantala is a trained Empath with Master Practitioner Certifications in 7 different modalities to crack through and allow breakthrough for clients. 3 types of Reiki, Integrative Energy Therapy (pressure points), Synergy, Tarot, Shamanic Priestessing and Working with the ancestors is only a glimpse of her gifts. Shantala brings 20 years of wisdom and Strategic Planner skills to the 'The Art of Desire' technique, which begins the process of Alchemy. 

My Alchemist is also known as Chief Courtesan, an Herbalist Healing Witch and Mistress of the Art of Desire...

so tell us, what is it you REALLY want?

Shantala is passionate about Magic and helping Men and Women alchemically shift their raw material (Unconscious) into Gold (conscious Being with an Awakened Heart) by embracing Deepest Fears and becoming Shameless.

Shadow Work involves igniting kundalini energy from the bottom up and activating divine healing from the top down; thus causing a reversal in flow, or menatoia that allows your heart space to awaken and become fully powered. 

An awakened heart can Influence ANYONE and manifest anything

why choose My Alchemist

An awakened heart can Influence ANYONE and manifest ANYTHING