A few words about My Alchemist

why choose My Alchemist

An awakened heart can Influence ANYONE and manifest ANYTHING

She is a Certified Master Practitioner in 7 extraordinary modalities of therapy.  Usui, Holy Fire and Shamanic Reiki; Integrative Energy Therapy (pressure points), Faerie Alchemy, Tarot, Soul Realignment and Ancestral Trauma through the Akashik is only a glimpse of her gifts. Shantala is a Mage of Mercury who brings 20 years of wisdom, Hermeticism & Thematurgy into the work.

A former diplomat-in-training at the International Criminal Court and the United Nations Association; Shantala has powerfully created a program that brings Spiritual Coaching to Corporate Folks.  She is The Witch Doctor Psychotherapist to gift you the tools to be the Urban Monk and Zen Mistress in your professional life. 

Accomplishments Include:

~8+ years of training in the healing arts and shamanic psychotherapy.

~A decade of holding space for a beloved sibling with health issues.

~Rescuing herself from a near-deadly kidney infection & touching on multi-system failure.

She's got Skills.

Shantala is passionate about Tantric Vajrayana Magic and WORKS as a clear channel and guide to help human beings become SHAMELESS.  She facilitates this using a Powerful combo of Energy Workings with Spiritual Psychotherapy techniques known as ShadowWork.  This process transmutes one's Lead/raw material (Stuck Patterns/Unconscious Desires) into Gold (Happy Synchronicities Powered by an Awakened Heart).  Cutting 12 years of therapy into 6 weeks, this Synergy work  activates Shamanic Soul Retrieval (a bringing back of soul bits lost during trauma) for you to fully incarnate and function at at max capacity. 

Shadow Work involves igniting activation from ROOT chakra up the Chakra Runway and out the Crown; while simultaneously drawing Divine healing Fire DOWN, from the top through the root and grounding to Earth.  This causes a reversal in flow, or a menatoia that allows your heart space to awaken and become fully powered. 

An awakened heart can Influence ANYONE and manifest anything.