An awakened heart can Influence ANYONE and manifest ANYTHING

$50 Rx Synergy Single Session (WAITING LIST)

New Moons

Distance Healing including Fire Reiki, Tonglan Technique, Kundalini power up and Shadow Integration

POWERFUL for emergency emotional flare up.

$150 REPORTS: Soul Realignment, Manifesting Blueprint, Soul Realignment II (WAITING LIST)

I dive into the akashik records to find out negating actions you've taken in past lives, clear them and offer you a profile to understand how to experience a fresh start in life. (1 month)

$497 Courtesan Court: Art of Feminine Magick

WINTER OPENING(Jan-March) 8 weeks


$2,997 GANAPATI'S ROOT (Limited Availability)

7 sessions featuring:

~3 Synergy Healings with Spiritual Talk Therapy

~A Soul Realignment Report

~ A Manifesting Blueprint 

~2 Report Follow-Up Sessions

A focused 3 month Deep Dive into manifesting your Desired Goal. SERIOUS INQUIRIES only email

$50 Tarot Reading (Speedy Consult)


email to schedule reading


Mage of Mercredi

$497 Helios Healing:WINTER OPENINGS(Jan-Mar)

​​~Three 60 min Synergy Healings, HolyFire & Tonglan technique.

~1 Soul Realignment Profile Report clearing past life errors from Akashik Records.

6 week duration; Priceless Alchemical Inner Awakening


Faerie Magick Masterclass   (coming soon)

6 weeks

$225 Pele's Pick Me Up Bundle (WAITING LIST)

3 Sessions of 60 minutes of Holy Fire Reiki (including my Tonglan Technique) over 6 weeks to bring about DEEP healing of Body, Mind, Psyche as well as change the positive synchronicities in your life.


$4,997 MERCURY MAGIC(Limited Availability)
In-depth Alchemy Psychotherapy work 1-on-1 along with career mgmt for creatives & artists; Networking & Intro to my contacts. 

VERY intense with Powerful Results that Last.
5 months Duration.  By Invite only; email to enquire.

SHAMELESS Coursework Group Offerings


6 sessions of Synergy Healing that featuring:

1) Tonglen

2) Holy Fire-Golden Triangle-Faerie, Shamanic and Usui Reiki techniques

3) Integrative Energy Therapy (angel points)

4) Golden Shadow

5) Soul Retrieval BLISS

$497 Apollo Advanced:  AUTUMN OPENINGS


~Single Synergy Healing with Holy Fire & Tonglan Technique

~Manifesting Blueprint or Level 2 Soul Realignment Report

~90 Min Spiritual Talk Therapy incorporating this work into lifestyle

6 week duration email

Specialty Workshops
~Faerie Magick 1 day Virtual Beltane & Samhain
~Kitchen Witchery  Coming Soon