You finding me is no Accident. 

You were drawn to a Master Healer...for Deep Alchemy work.  Whether it is Energy Healing or Spiritual Coaching you crave...or perhaps a magickal remedy~you'll find answers for what you Seek by:
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Paula Patel

"In less than four months my life has changed from merely existing to I exist. Although, Shantala will say I did this and she just helped. She has a strong moral compass and stands by what she believes.  

One day, I finally messaged her saying, I think I’m in need of your services.  The money for her course came through  and something inside me started believing…

This program is not a traditional 'you do this meditation every day and your life will become easier' type of course.  Her honesty was humbling.

One of reasons I respect Shantala is because she will not waste her time or yours as both are of equal value to her. Someone like that, well just give her a chance to awaken your magic…"​
Love & Praise

Reiki Master Practitioner and Alchemy Therapist~ I am the Spiritual Coach for corporate folks: Gifting you the tools to Be the Urban Monk/Zen Mistress, Now.

Kelly McCaughan

“Shantala’s 8 week intensive is exactly what I have been looking for, for years: dedicating yourself to personal goals as well as career goals. The fact that it caters to artists sets it apart from other intensives because you all have each other’s backs and encourage each other the whole way through. It’s about supporting each other no matter what.  

Shantala makes sure to check on you to see how you are doing and is constantly guiding you in the right direction the entire way. She gives your timelines and coaching that really help you to stay on task. It has been an extremely helpful  experience.

It was exactly what I needed at this point in my life and career and I will most definitely be doing another intensive soon!”

An awakened heart can Influence ANYONE and manifest ANYTHING

Mystical Healing
Leah Cevoli

“Shantala is a goddess of laughter and magic and has a keen ability to get right to the heart of the matter whether it be a personal or business situation.

Her <course> encourages playfulness, friendship, honesty, and digging deep into each participant's individual situation. The daily assignments, & text messages help keep me on-track and engaged, and moving towards the goals that were set in the beginning of the <course>.

I highly recommend Shantala's services for anyone who's feeling a bit stuck, needs a mindshift, or is looking for a powerful ally, and mentor in their life.” 

Sabrina Ram

"Shantala Surya is an energy healer devoted to her craft. As a person who has never utilized this type of service before - and is rather skeptical about it - it was refreshing to have Shantala walk me through every step of the process and answer any questions I may have. She was very patient with me and thorough with her process.

She worked around my busy schedule and would often send me little notes to make me at ease during hectic or stressful times.

She goes above and beyond for her clients and truly shows just how much she cares and how invested she is in making sure you achieve personal success."
Susie Masser

​“I’d highly recommend Shantala’s <Program>. She is a thoughtful and encouraging coach who truly cares about your personal happiness as well as your success. She is a gifted motivational speaker and teacher, as well as a savvy business strategist. 

During <her course> I shifted my mindset from focusing on ‘lack’ to focusing on opportunities. She set out daily tasks that really force you to stick to the program, and avoid negative mind triggers. Soon I started noticing my desires manifesting in my life. All of this occurred while I felt I wasn't trying so hard, and instead focusing my energy on the things that mattered most, in a more efficient manner.”​